Tutoring that Empowers Writers

Writing can be fun, but also demanding. And the challenges just get tougher as students make their way through school. To help developing writers succeed, I provide individualized instruction that’s based on 25 years of professional teaching and writing experience.

During tutoring sessions, I make sure students have many opportunities to write about their experiences, observations, and opinions because my mission is to help students realize the power of written communication. This is especially important during COVID-19 challenges.

My students have learned how to create vivid language, punch up plotlines, and reduce repetition. They’ve overcome writer’s block, identified run-on sentences, and created personal checklists for copyediting.

Whether students are working on cursive handwriting or literary criticism, I’m ready to help them achieve their goals.

What to Expect

I support students in two ways:

  • As an educator…
    I base my instructional approach on the Writing Workshop Method. The focus is on the writing process, from initial brainstorming to final copyediting, and everything in between.
  • As a writer…
    I share my expertise and enthusiasm for writing! But I also understand how tough it is to write on deadline–that’s how I’ve earned a paycheck.

Coaching, Not Correcting Writing

My tutoring sessions typically include mini-lessons and guided practice to develop new skills. Specific objectives depend on each student’s individual learning style and goals.

During tutoring sessions, students benefit from learning “field-tested” writing strategies. I share tips and tricks for dealing with deadlines, rubrics, and tests. I also genuinely enjoy reading what students have to say, which creates a supportive learning environment.

Just so you know–I do not directly edit students’ work. Instead, I help students develop the skills and resources they need to become independent writers.

Tutoring Services During COVID-19

My tutoring services have been updated with new options and guidelines, in response to the challenges of COVID-19. Contact me for more information. I’m ready to help!