My mission is to provide a positive environment and knowledgeable support for developing essential writing skills.

A Comprehensive, Flexible Approach

My goal is to teach students how to:

  • Overcome procrastination
  • Get the creative process flowing
  • Master the mechanics of writing
  • Become experts at revising their own writing
  • Develop a personal “toolkit” to tackle new challenges

Coaching, Not Correcting

My tutoring sessions typically include mini-lessons and guided practice to develop new skills. Specific objectives depend on each student’s individual learning style and goals.

During tutoring sessions, students benefit from learning “field-tested” writing strategies. I share tips and tricks for dealing with deadlines, rubrics, and tests. I also genuinely enjoy reading what students have to say, which creates a supportive learning environment.

Just so you know–I do not directly edit students’ work. Instead, I help students develop the skills and resources they need to become independent writers.

All Students Can Become Writers

Based on my experience as a writing instructor, I’m convinced that it’s never too late to develop writing skills.

I’ve provided support for:

  • Students who can’t even get started with assignments
  • Older students who missed out, leaving some gaps in basic skills
  • Students who were doing fine—until a tough assignment came along
  • Students who have learning disabilities that interfere with writing

In other words, I help struggling students of all ages and backgrounds become confident writers.