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When my kids were younger, they loved researching interesting topics, like Sweden, dinosaurs, Florence Nightingale, and fishing!

At first, digging for information was fun. But as time went on, the requirements for research projects increased…

Inevitably, it would be 7 PM the night before a research project was due, when they would suddenly remember: Wait! I was supposed to create a bibliography!

In case you have a bibliography emergency (or want to avoid one), here’s a great online tool to try: Easy Bib.

Easy Bib Features

Easy Bib has a basic service that is simple and free. You don’t need to create an account or pay anything to use it.

Even better, you don’t have to do a lot of typing. Easy Bib will hunt down the details about each of your sources and format everything for you. If you need to correct or add information, it’s easy to make changes.

To Create a Bibliography

To prepare, first create a document file for your bibliography. If you create a Google Doc, it will always be available and backed up.

Use Easy Bib to create a list of sources:

  1. Open a web browser and go to Easy Bib: www.easybib.com.
  2. Select the type of source material you want to document (Website, Book, etc). Type (or copy-and-paste) the information about the source. Enter just enough to identify the work (for example, just the author, title, or URL). Then click Cite It.

  3. Review the possible match, or list of matches. Next to the correct match, click Cite This.

  4. Review the citation, and correct the information, as needed. Add an annotation to describe the source, if that’s required. This is a great time to learn about each item required for the citation.

  5. Copy the citation.

  6. Paste the citation into your Works Cited list, pasting the entries in alphabetical order.


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