Tutoring Methods

My motto is to start where the student is. All services are customized to meet the needs of the individual student.

Tutoring begins with:

  • An initial evaluation to identify skills and deficits
  • Friendly discussion about goals
  • Parent and student input to finalize an instructional plan

Tutoring sessions typically include:

  • Mini-lessons to focus on particular skills or concepts
  • In-depth skill building, using school assignments or special projects
  • Sharing and reading aloud, to develop an “ear” for written language
  • Personal Editing Checklist to support independent work

Sessions finish with:

  • Periodic writing reassessments to track progress
  • Review and reinforcement of strategies that work for the student
  • Opportunities for students to celebrate their achievements

I never want tutoring to become an extra burden. For students who already face a lot of homework, my goal is to find ways to support their regular writing assignments, while helping them build new skills.